CCA36 - Redcode/Amboss split (TAPE)
This is a 45min split tape from Jena based tapelabel Coldcaffeinrecords. Comes in special 7" package and contains the following redcode tracks:

resistance radio
bazooka joe
wargames usa
bad - extended version
illcore superhero
cyberpunk wannabe
red queen

DHY046 - Comeco (CDR)
CD Compilation released on Dhyana Records, including the redcode revenge track "stop bitching".

SPR single 5+6 - $kill$ music (2x 7")
Double 7" vinyl compilation on sozialistischer plattenbau. feat. bruno&michel_are_smiling_with_skipper, istari lasterfahrer, saoulaterre, redcode, parasite, hayate & pioughd, minus_ktv, error23 & repogirrl.. Two 7" records packed with m.i.c.h.a.e.l.j.a.c.k.s.o.n. remix destruction.