To make a long story short. I am pissed.

This is not a fucking art project I am doing for school. And i am not a rockstar. Is there something in between? And I am not antideutsch or left radical, just because I am from germany! Mass media is all about brainwashing and so are you, calling everybody a fascist who thinks that the USA and Israel are doing bad things. I'm more about freedom and sanity, you know--
There is no "art" in my music. Of course my attitude shines through, but actually i just hit a few buttons (or all buttons at the same time). It's a lot of fun, you should try it, too! You will need some of the following stuff for that:

A sampler, like the Zoom ST-224. I am using this one, it's cheap and really a great piece of gear. There is even a simple realtime sequencer in it. Many of my tracks are done with just this thing. GET SOME HARDWARE! It feels so much better than just a computer program!

Effect units. Not really necessary, because you could do everything in software aswell. But it's always nice to have at least some distortion pedals or echo where you can twist some knobs and the sound changes in realtime.

Software. But be careful. When you just get every piece of audio software, you have no limitations, and no limitations kills creativity, in my opinion. I am using Jeskola Buzz, which is a modular system with a tracker-like editor. And it's free, get it here.
A nice audio editor would be Audacity. It's opensource software and freely available for Windows, Macosx and Unix style systems.

Don't let them put you to sleep. Turn off your TV, forget about everything you heard before, and reclaim reality!

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